News and Events


June 2020: Theresa on panel of Philanthropy Impact webinar  Philanthropy and Social Investment: how do we achieve more and better from (U)HNWI

March 2020: Theresa appointed Trustee of The Benedetti Foundation

February 2020: Theresa quoted as philanthropy expert in Financial Times How to Give It supplement

Summer 2019: Theresa appointed member of the Appeal Committee, The Arts Hub, Garsington Opera

April 2016: Now available –Theresa is delighted to have contributed to new book Diversity and Philanthropy published in the US in March 2016. Author Lilya Wagner draws on extensive research and a global professional network to explore the development and increasing diversity of the philanthropic environment. The book combines analysis and practical advice, aiming to build an understanding among leaders of non-profit organisations of the importance and power of harnessing cultural diversity to achieve shared goals. Read more

January 2016: Theresa has been elected Chair of The Bonnart Trust.

September 2015: Theresa has contributed a section to a new book, Diversity and Philanthropy to be published in the US in January 2016.

January 2015: Theresa appointed Honorary Advisor to Lendwithcare.

November 2014: Spear’s Magazine have once again nominated Theresa as one of the ‘Best Philanthropy Advisers’. Read more

June 2014: Theresa was asked to comment on why an increasing number of wealthy parents are refusing to pass their money on to their children. Read more

April 2014: Theresa writes for Philanthropy Impact on the subject of what we can learn from wealthy donors. Read more

May 2014: Theresa quoted in The Times as a philanthropy expert on the subject of whether philanthropists avoid paying tax.

May 2014:  Theresa quoted in the Evening Standard as a philanthropy expert on the subjects of public recognition and the trend towards a more professional approach to philanthropy by the wealthy. Read more