Supporting individuals and families

Theresa offers private one-to-one support. She can assist with facilitating initial individual and family meetings, designing and analysing family questionnaires, agreeing how to involve family members, including children, developing a governance manual and thinking about administrative support for the grant-making process.

Theresa was founder director of Philanthropy UK, established in 2001 as a project of the Association of Charitable Foundations. Over three years, she was responsible for dealing with enquiries from people considering setting up a charitable trust. She realised that many people were asking the same sorts of questions. As a result, in 2003, she wrote A Guide to Giving, which provided detailed guidance to individuals about how to embark on the development of a strategy for giving, the questions to ask, mechanisms that could be used and options for tax-efficiency.

The second edition, sponsored by Coutts, was published in 2005 and the third in 2008. It is available for free on the Philanthropy Impact website and includes a framework for effective giving, with a step-by-step process for creating a charitable giving strategy that reflects your own motivations, interests, circumstances and objectives.

However, even with these clear guidelines, it helps to have personal, bespoke and confidential advice. There may be different priorities among family members and between generations, varying desires for recognition or involvement with beneficiaries. Theresa can guide you through these challenges to identify a strategy for all.

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