Helping organisations seeking funds

Theresa helps non-profit organisations, large and small, in a range of sectors, to be in the strongest possible position to create effective philanthropic partnerships with wealthier individuals, trusts and foundations.

Work with trustees and volunteer leaders

Theresa has both advised and been a trustee of organisations with major capital and revenue fundraising programmes.

Her work includes:

  • Providing training for trustees, key ambassadors and senior management on their respective roles in developing and managing relationships with donors, so that they can contribute effectively to the fundraising effort
  • Advising on board development, reviews of membership and the advantages and disadvantages of establishing development boards, or separate foundations, particularly for endowments

Work with senior development staff

  • Expressing and testing the case for support and the market potential for significant philanthropic engagement
  • Supporting the development of a long-term plan and budget for such engagement
  • Advising on and supporting the recruitment of key staff

Long- term mentoring

Theresa has wide-ranging experience in providing personalised guidance and mentoring support for directors of development and chief executives, as they face the sometimes lonely challenges of managing change within their institutions.