How Theresa can help

Supporting individuals and families
Theresa offers bespoke and confidential advice to those who are embarking on developing a strategy or reviewing their philanthropic approach. She can assist with facilitating family meetings, developing a governance manual and thinking about administrative support for the grant-making process.

There may be different priorities among family members and between generations, varying desires for recognition or involvement with beneficiaries. Theresa can guide you through these challenges to identify a strategy for all.
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Helping organisations seeking funds
Theresa helps non-profit organisations, large and small, in a range of sectors, to be in the strongest possible position to create effective philanthropic partnerships with wealthier individuals, trusts and foundations. This almost always involves the engagement of trustees and senior staff outside the fundraising or development office. Theresa has extensive experience in explaining why this change in corporate culture is needed, and working with boards and professional staff so that they are confident in their ability to develop relationships with significant donors and supporting the organisation in the management of this change.
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