• Highly experienced – strong track record
  • Excellent reputation, well known and respected in field, with strong networks
  • Advice based on expertise and research
  • Open to new ideas
  • Trustworthy, discreet, confidential
  • Complies with Institute of Fundraising Codes of Practice


  • Working in partnership with trustees and senior staff
  • Sharing and transferring best practice
  • Generous with ideas and networks
  • Collaborates with and recommends other consultants, advisers and sources of information
  • Working with philanthropists to achieve their goals


  • Realistic about what can be achieved
  • Upfront about fees and the true costs involved in projects
  • Jargon free
  • Accessible/approachable
  • No add-ons for introduction of associates, who invoice directly
  • Assistant fees included


  • Passionate about encouraging effective philanthropy
  • Enthusiastic about creating and nurturing strong relationships with donors
  • Personal pride in seeing the best job done
  • Generous with time and knowledge
  • Keeps in touch to see a project and organisation flourish
  • Ensuring there is a transfer of skills to the client, offering mentoring if required