Theresa Lloyd is recognised as one of the UK’s leading experts on philanthropy. For nearly 30 years, she has helped individuals and charitable organisations to develop rewarding philanthropic relationships and achieve mutual goals.

Theresa believes that both philanthropists and organisations benefit when they work together as strategic partners, sharing their passion to make a difference to beneficiaries’ lives. She helps both participants to build relationships based on mutual respect, transparency and accountability.

Theresa now focuses her consultancy work on three main areas:

  • Working with trustees, volunteer leaders and senior management to ensure that the development of philanthropic relationships is seen as the role of everyone within the organisation, and helping them to understand how they can play their part
  • Mentoring and supporting chief executives and fundraising leaders as they manage this cultural change within their organisations
  • Advising on the design and implementation of strategies to develop high value philanthropic partnerships

Theresa also provides guidance to families and individual donors as they develop their philanthropic activities.


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