Diversity and Philanthropy (2016)


Theresa is delighted to have contributed to new book Diversity and Philanthropy published in the US in March 2016. Author Lilya Wagner draws on extensive research and a global professional network to explore the development and increasing diversity of the philanthropic environment. The book combines analysis and practical advice, aiming to build an understanding among leaders of non-profit organisations of the importance and power of harnessing cultural diversity to achieve shared goals.

As charitable organizations strive to be effective, they pay greater attention to and seek better understanding of diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence.  This Hot Topic explores common definitions of diversity; provides some whys and how’s of promoting diversity in the nonprofit governance structure, in philanthropic fundraising, and in the fundraising profession; and suggests additional resources related to diversity and inclusion.

Click here to view further information on the book’s website or here to purchase your copy on Amazon.co.uk