Richer Lives: why rich people give

This ground-breaking book examines the motivations behind rich people’s charitable giving.

Philanthropy is of increasing importance in modern society, yet the motivations and expectations of philanthropists do not appear to be well understood, either by those seeking funds or by those hoping that voluntary donations will help to bridge public sector funding gaps. Richer Lives: why rich people give is an in-depth study of why and how the richer members of our society engage in philanthropy. It includes:

  • A review of the current philanthropy scene in the UK, based on extensive research with over 80 rich donors, as well as a further 30 interviews with people working in the UK philanthropy sector
  • How rich donors view approaches by fundraisers, their own experiences of asking for money, and their opinions on the growing philanthropy advice industry
  • Why some rich people do not give, and recommendations for charities and policy-makers to overcome this

This publication is designed for:

  • Fundraisers, especially major donor fundraisers
  • CEOs, senior managers, staff and volunteers in non-profit organisations as well as charity trustees
  • Professional advisers (e.g. bankers and lawyers, as well as philanthropy experts) working with donors and charities, and relevant umbrella bodies
  • Academics, including students on courses concerned with the voluntary sector, especially students of philanthropy, fundraising and the third sector as well as general social policy
  • University libraries and resource centres operated by voluntary organisations
  • Politicians, policy-makers, journalists and other commentators

“This is an excellent addition to the literature which attempts to describe the giving motivations and behaviour of those supporting charities …” read more

UKFundraising article by Peter Maple, Course Director MSc Management in Civil Society, London South Bank University

“It’s a great read, full of insightful quotes from those included in Theresa’s first book on the subject published ten years ago, as well as a new cohort of donors… The book also provides a useful and comprehensive guide to changes in the world of UK philanthropy over the past ten years, which offers a great resource, particularly for newcomers to the sector ..” read more

Spear’s Magazine

Richer Lives provides further evidence of what charities need to do to be much more effective at raising money from the rich.’

Sir Thomas Hughes-Hallett, chair of The Philanthropy Review

‘This book makes an important contribution to the enduring issue of philanthropy and its role in building a better society.’

Sir Stuart Etherington, Chief Executive, National Council for Voluntary Organisations

‘Theresa Lloyd and Beth Breeze bring their wealth of expertise to produce a work that is invaluable to those asking for money for good causes and to those trying to give it away effectively. It should also be of great interest to anyone seeking to encourage a stronger philanthropic culture in the UK.’

Trevor Pears CMG, Pears Foundation

‘I am confident that this book will inform, intrigue, infuriate and inspire in equal measure. Everyone who cares about strengthening social engagement by the wealthy should read Richer Lives.’

Lord Joel Joffe, Chair, Giving Campaign (2001-04); Chair, The Joffe Charitable Trust

‘Theresa Lloyd and Beth Breeze provide invaluable insights into UK philanthropy. Charity and university fundraisers could benefit enormously by absorbing its key messages.’

Sir Peter Lampl, Chairman, Sutton Trust

“If ever there was a must-read tome for the third sector manager, this is it… ” read more

Review of Richer Lives: why rich people give by Emma De Vita, Third Sector Magazine, October 2013