Richer lives for beneficiaries, richer lives for donors

Building philanthropic relationships

Theresa Lloyd is a senior expert on philanthropy and has over 25 years’ experience of helping organisations and individuals to achieve their goals by building and sustaining meaningful and rewarding philanthropic relationships.

Theresa's underlying philosophy is that organisations and philanthropists should work with each other as strategic partners. In that way they can find ways to fulfil needs that they both care about passionately.  The relationship needs to be underpinned by mutual respect, transparency and accountability both for the use of funds and for the difference they can make to the lives of the ultimate beneficiaries. 

Upcoming events: 
Theresa is involved in two events in the Bath Literary festival linked to Richer Lives. 

5th March - debate about financial responsibility and the tension between the individual and the state. Theresa and Tom Hughes-Hallett argue that philanthropy has a key role. The Independent’s chief political commentator Steve Richards and Observer columnist Nick Cohen say the state must provide. Chaired by Stefan Stern, FT columnist and Visiting Professor at Cass Business School.

6th March - Theresa will be in conversation with John Nickson, author of Giving is Good for You, about the Psychology of Giving. Why do people decide to give money away? And would you be as generous (or as cautious) in their position?

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New article: read Theresa's Expert Opinion piece on "Philanthropic fundraising: what can we learn from wealthy donors" in Philanthropy Impact, February 2014

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Review of Richer Lives - why rich people give by Emma De Vita, Third Sector Magazine, October 2013

The British Museum has a tradition of benefaction which stretches back over 200 years. It continues to inspire acts of exceptional generosity. However we wanted to involve our supporters in future planning. To that end, Theresa Lloyd undertook a game-changing feasibility project and continues to work with us as a guru and source of expertise.
Caroline Usher, Director of Development, British Museum, work undertaken 2011 - on-going

Theresa Lloyd